About Us

Makrotek Solutions LLC is the leading development group of Game Launchers for any games.

We have serviced many gaming company and developed hundreds of launchers since 2015.

Refund Policy

We only honor refunds if we are not able to get your orders completed in the time frame of 3-5 days.

We cannot honor refunds if you have already received the Product (the Launcher).

In the case that you request for refund, we have the full rights to disable the license of the launcher.


We only support Paypal as the payment method.

The payment link will be send to you by our support.

Project Completion

Right after we confirmed everything we will immediately start the project.

Project completion is between 24hrs to 3 days.

The 3 days window is when we have busy schedule due to many orders coming 

Frequently Asked Question?

What Games are supported?
What Games are Supported?

Our launcher supports any games!

We have developed launchers for Mu Online, Cabal Online, Tera, Black Desert, FlyFF, Runes of Magic, Conquer Online, Tantra Online, Allods and more!

What works in our launcher?

What Works (General)

  • CRC Check / Filecheck
  • Auto download game updates

For Mu Online

  • Resolution Settings upto 1920x1080
  • Window Mode
  • General Game Settings

For Cabal

  • Can work with 2 Clients (Ex: Classic & ep20+)

For Tantra

  • HTSettings.sys editor for client only
  • Settings Editor

For Black Desert

  • Authentication using CMS login or API
  • Authentication using Username / Password input

What doesnt work in our Launcher?

We are using WinRar compression technology.

Therefore, we cannot edit, open or modify any existing "game files".

For example, if your game is Maple Story, our launcher is not capable of opening, editing and inserting updates to the *.wz files.

But our launcher can update your *.wz files by downloading new versions of your updated *.wz file and then replacing the older version in your players computer.

Can I request custom features?

Depending on the difficulty of the task. If its doable, we can add it.

However custom features have different & separate price point from the Launcher.

My players are receiving license error, help?

This is mainly caused by our server being down or is under maintenance.

Contact the our support immediately if you encounter this error frequently.

Can I edit or update my Host Url / Patch Server URL?

No, you cannot edit, modify or update your host url / patch server url once you received the finished product.

If you want to change it, please purchase another license.

I am a server developer and I want to incorporate your launcher to my services

We can work with you! 

Contact us and talk to our support team immediately.