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Full Version: [Step1] Installing the configuration files
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This is the first step in order to make your launcher work.

After the completion of the project, you will be given an Archive file in ".rar" format.
In this archive it contains all the necessary files to make your launcher work.

If you are using Xampp or Wampp open your wampp/xampp directory and go to htdocs or www folder.
In your web root folder add a new folder named "launcher".
Note: Make sure its lowercase, some web server is key sensitive.

After you have created the "launcher" folder.
Open the launcher folder. (ex: /www/launcher/)

Extract all files from the "archive" that was given to you by our support and upload all files to your "/www/launcher/" folder.

Figure 1.
[Image: iGuqlSj.png]

To test if the launcher works.
Start the "Launcher.exe" inside "/www/launcher/launcher/"

Figure 2.
[Image: vp8zEXB.png]
We're using Tantra.exe as the Launcher.exe in this example.

If error occurs, check the Logs folder in the same directory as "Launcher.exe".

Figure 3.
[Image: gOkPVwo.png]
The Logs will tell you exactly what the error is. So you can easily fix this yourself.

Figure 4.
[Image: stR0Vk4.png]
Error 404 means not found. 
The launcher is trying to access the file: Settings.xml, Translations.xml, Carousel.xml.
See Figure 1.
This means that the files are missing or was not uploaded properly.

If all files has been uploaded, the launcher should be able to read the Settings.xml, Translations.xml & Carousel.xml.
And it will proceed to downloading updates.

Congratulations, you have successfully Installed your Launcher!