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Full Version: Billing & ordering information
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To start your project we need the following information.

Server Name: <your_game_server_name>
Which Game the Launcher will be used: <game_name>
Host URL: (Ex:
Full Payment of $15

If you have your own design, we can use that.
If you do not have a design, you can choose a template.
Select a template here: Gallery


We gather information such as server name, game name & host url because it is being used as the base information for our licensing.
As such, we will know which game and to whom it is licensed to.

The license does not expire but you cannot change the host url if your "original domain" expires.

1 Launcher License is tied to your host url upon completion of project.
After you receive the Finished product, you cannot ask to change the host url.

Server Name - Please provide the Server Name of your game.
Game Name - For which game the launcher will be used.
Host Url - Is your update website.

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